Bayelsa State Planning Workshop

Six months after an investment forum arranged Musa Capital, Nigeria’s richest oil-producing state, Bayelsa, last week (ending 26th April 2013) hosted several South African corporates, financial institutions, and medium-sized businesses at a planning workshop that will prioritise these organisations’ investment and other involvement in large-scale infrastructure projects.

The projects include the building of an airport, a sea port, hospital, road infrastructure, a hotel, and the core of the built environment of a city. Representatives of the South African organisations attending the workshop also visited the sites of the various projects. One of South Africa’s largest development funders, the IDC and the DBSA were  represented at the workshop and a keynote address by the IDC’s chief economist, Lumkile Mondi, emphasised the job creation and skills transfer benefits of Bayelsa’s preference for seeking help from other African countries rather than from outside the continent. Musa Capital co-founder, Antoine Johnson pointed out that Musa’s mandate from Bayelsa State was not only to bridge the investment and business opportunities in both countries at an official and investment level also but to accelerate practical execution of the State’s development strategies.