Musa Capital’s Specialised Namibian Fund Launches in Windhoek

Richard Akwei - Principal

Richard Akwei – Principal

The Namibia Mid-Cap Fund (NMCF), a Namfisa registered investment vehicle was recently launched in Windhoek.

The investments position the Fund to act as a broad catalyst for economic, social and financial regional development in private Namibian companies that provide goods and services in priority sectors like, agribusiness, consumer related industries, financial services and light infrastructure. Musa Capital Namibia (PTY) LTD is the Fund Manager and carries out the day-to-day activities of the Fund and is also responsible for the overall investment performance of the Fund in its role as the Fund’s Manager.

The team is staffed with Namibians responsible for the origination, management and execution of the investment strategy. The Namibian team leverages investment and operating experience in the same target sectors within Musa Group’s operating divisions. Additionally, the team leverages Musa Group’s institutional fund management platform, including fund reporting, legal and compliance, and ESG.

Listen to Namibia’s 99 FM Maggie Forcelledo interview with the Principal at Musa Group Mr. Richard Akwei below:

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