National Book Week – Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader


It was Dr. Seuss, a world-renowned author of numerous popular children’s books, who once said, “The more you read the more things you will know. The more things you will learn, the more places you will go.”And that is the amazing thing about books. It transports you to wonderful places through a journey of the mind, without having to physically go anywhere. But above all, reading sets a good foundation for acquiring knowledge and learning.

It is with this in mind that Musa Capital co-sponsored the 2015 National Book Week Women’s Day Celebration.

Musa Capital places considerable emphasis on the value education, and helping to educate and expand the communities in which they operate. They therefore embark on various local and international initiatives that drive the message about the importance of education.

The sponsorship of the National Book Week initiative #BUYABOOK, in conjunction with The South African Book Development Council (SABDC) and Exclusive Books, puts the spotlight on a fundamental area of learning and education, which is the importance and the value of reading.

On Tuesday, 4 August 2015, Musa Capital invited 40 female learners from Leshata Secondary School in Orange Farm, a school they have previously partnered with for the Take A Girl Child to Work Day for the National Book Weeks Women’s Day Celebration, along with their caregivers. The National Book Week Women’s Day Celebration event was part of the Buy-A-Book Campaign anchored by National Book Week (NBW), which takes place on September 07-13, 2015. August being Women’s month, the campaign sought to focus on the female learner for the day, in order to encourage young girls to read and, of course, love books.


The day commenced at the Exclusive Books store in Rosebank where the CEO of the South African Book Development Council (SABDC), Elitha van der Sandt, led the celebrations with a message that “reading girls grow into leading women”. An apt message for the young Grade 10 learners.

The girls also got an opportunity to listen to and interact with other amazing and inspiration women who shared their life stories and how books and reading have in part helped to shape them into the women they are today.

Rocky Ralebipi-Simela shared her life experience and how her current role as CEO of the National Library of South Africa, is to ensure that everyone in this country has access to books through the public library system, which was a far cry from when she was growing up.

Similarly, NBW ambassador, businesswoman and award-winning writer of “Happiness Is a Four letter Word”, Cynthia Jele took time to share some excerpts from her own book to the fascinated girls, who got the opportunity to see that they too could become authors, or anything else for that matter, if that is where their dreams took them.  Each girl also received a R250 Exclusive Books gift voucher from the South African National Book Council that allowed many of the girls, for the first time, to purchase their own books of choice. The process of walking through isles and rows of books was a magical experience in and of itself as it allowed them to discover a new and unfamiliar world to them. Karabo Bonco, A young YoTV presenter shared her journey with and through books with the learners, which really brought the young, peer element to reading.


After the fun formalities of the morning, the girls and their care givers were treated to lunch together with the female staff from Musa Capital before being escorted to the YoTV Studios at the Urban Brew Studios where they got to be part of the live studio audience. After a fun and informative day of education and entertainment, the girls were transported home, with a new-found appreciation and love for books and the immense worlds that lie within them.

Musa Capital proudly supports empowering initiatives such as these and will continue to invest in the future of this country by investing in its youth, through education. As Cynthia Parrish, the Head of Legal at Musa Capital shared with the young ladies, “We must salute and emulate those women who laid the foundation and be encouraged by their example, knowing that as women we are powerful”.  And this Musa hopes to do by supporting initiatives like these, one book at a time, because as Margaret Fuller once said,  “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”.